Solution Match 2021

A live online matchmaking event for Dynamics Users, ISVs, and Partners

September 14-15, 2021

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September 14, 2021
Duration: 2 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that Solution Match is a new and different type of event for the Microsoft Dynamics community. Here are answers to the most common questions that people have been asking. If you have more questions, contact us at

Q: How many meetings can I request? 

We encourage you to request all the meetings you believe will be useful. For any requests that are accepted by the participating vendors, just schedule a meeting time and enjoy!

Q: Why would I want to participate in this event rather than contacting the vendors myself? 

Two main reasons.

The first is the efficiency of the experience at Solution Match 2021. You can meet with up to three vendors every hour if your schedule allows (and the vendors agree to meet). If you set aside an hour or two over the live event days, you are sure to make some progress in your solution evalution process.

The second is the rewards you can earn for participating. We know your time is valuable and we will thank you for your participation with rewards for each meeting that you complete with a participating vendor.  

Q: What are the rewards and how do I become eligible to receive them?

Attendees are rewarded by the event organizers with a reward with a value of USD$100 for every meeting they complete. Attendees will redeem their rewards in the form of Digital Visa Cards, Amazon gift cards (in eligible locations), or as a charitable donation to one of three international charities.

For a meeting to be considered complete and eligible for a reward, it must meet a few basic criteria:

  1. You accurately and honestly represent yourself and your company or (if you are a consultant) your client when you register and request a meeting.
  2. You are on-time to the meeting.
  3. You engage productively in the meeting by speaking and sharing appropriate, relevant information for up to twenty minutes.

Q: How will I receive my rewards? 

After the event concludes, the event team will tabulate the number of meetings each attendee has joined and send a reward voucher with the correct value.

Q: Will rewards be visible to others? 

Awards will not be public in any way. We will send them privately to each individual to use them as they choose. 

Q: Can I participate but opt out of the rewards?

Yes. We understand not all attendees want or are permitted to accept gifts with a cash value. If you would like to pre-emptively opt out, send us an email and we will omit you when we calculate and deliver rewards. Alternatively, attendees will have the option to donate the full value of their rewards to one of three international charities: Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Save the Children, and International Rescue Committee. We have the potential to raise thousands of dollars for some wonderful causes.

Q: Can you send rewards in my currency? 

Rewards will be sent in USD and automatically converted to the prefered local currency using a third party exchange rate calculation. 

Q: Can you send rewards to my country? 

Visa Digital Cards and charitable donation options are available in 223 countries regions. Amazon gift cards are available in fifteen regions. See the country and regions lists for Amazon and Visa gifts.

Q: Am I obligated to purchase anything from the vendors I meet with?

No, the meetings you take with vendors are purely to help you gain more information as you research your technology needs. The vendors have no expectation of any purchases related to these meetings.